S2267 Miccell Countertop Display SMALL (104 pieces) w/ Fast Cables


Upgrade your mobile experience with our compact yet comprehensive cellphone accessory display. With 104 essential pieces, this countertop display is designed to meet all your mobile accessory needs.

What’s Included:

Fast Cables:

  • S70 [L]: 28 Pieces – Long and reliable L-Pin charging cables for seamless connectivity.
  • S70 [C]: 28 Pieces – Convenient and versatile C- Pin cables for all your devices.
  • S1906 [C-C]: 14 Pieces – Connect and charge with ease.
  • S1907 [C-L]: 14 Pieces – A combination of cable for any situation.


  • Dual Port Wall: 5 Pieces – Rapidly power up your devices at home or the office.
  • Dual Port Car: 5 Pieces – Stay charged on the move with our car chargers.

Wired Earphones:

  • [L Connector]: 5 Pieces – Enjoy crisp audio with the classic L-connector design.
  • [C Connector]: 5 Pieces – Compact and comfortable C-Connector earphones for your everyday audio needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Versatile Selection: From cables to chargers and earphones, we’ve got you covered.
  • Quality Assured: Our accessories are crafted for performance and durability.
  • Convenient Display: The countertop design makes it easy to access your accessories.