S1525 Miccell Countertop Display MEDIUM (185 pieces)


Introducing the Comprehensive 185-Piece Mobile Accessories Display

Elevate your mobile experience with our all-in-one accessory collection. This display features a wide range of essential accessories to meet all your connectivity needs.

Key Features:
3.3ft Charging Cables: Versatile cables compatible with all devices.
6ft Charging Cables: Extended reach for convenience.
Aux Cables: Enhance your audio connections.
4ft Aux Earphones: Immerse yourself in premium sound quality.
C to C Fast Cables: Swift and efficient charging solutions.
C to L Fast Cables: Stay powered up with versatility.
Various Wall and Car Chargers: Power up at home or on the go.
L Pin Earphones: Classic audio experience.

Total Contents: 185 Pieces

Estimated Retail Value: $1,850 ($10 per item)

Experience the convenience of having all your essential mobile accessories in one place. From charging to audio, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your mobile lifestyle today!