S1039 Miccell Rotating Floor Display (174pcs)

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Rotating Floor Display with Light

TOTAL: 174 pieces x SRP $10 = $1,740

S158 T02U Wall Charger = 18pcs
S384 T07U Wall Charger = 18pcs
S159 C02 Car Charger = 18pcs
S156 D70 Cable = 24pcs
S155 D03 Cable = 60pcs
S157 Aux Cable = 8pcs
S385 H24 Earphones = 6pcs
S395 H27 Earphones = 6pcs
S396 H32 Earphones = 6pcs
S397 H34 Earphones = 6pcs
S113 Powerbank = 4pcs

TOTAL = 174pcs

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