About Us

BROADMAX DISTRIBUTOR INC. was established in October 2013.

Broadmax is a distribution company that provides services and merchandise to deli stores, discount stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and other convenience outlets. Our products include international phone/calling cards, cellphone accessories, U.S. cellphone plans recharge, and general merchandise.

Over the years, we have established good opportunities for small distributors who want to start a wholesale business without spending any money, taking any risk, or placing a big investment. What we need from our partners is their effort, ability, and willingness to make a profit by selling the products to their customers and maintaining that cycle in the long run.

Broadmax handles the bookkeeping, inventory stocking, and ordering from manufacturers and negotiates for the best prices with those manufacturers. In addition, we also deliver the goods to our partner distributors with service they can trust.

We provide only the best-quality products possible when it comes to cellphone accessories and other general merchandise. Our combination of store and wholesale business creates an opportunity for our customers to get the best possible price from manufacturers and suppliers.

In the US, we carry the brand MICCELLUSA, and we are proud to say that we are making this brand known to have a good quality and value for money.

The Broadmax Distributor Inc. team is here to assist our partner distributors keep their business running smoothly, risk-free, and worry-free while we ensure reliable service, fast delivery, and product availability.