S1696 Miccell 3.3ft Data Cables in a Jar 50ct


Introducing Miccell Wire Jar Display for Retailers – Organize and Showcase Loose Wires with Ease!

Revolutionize your wire display with the Miccell Wire Jar Display, the perfect solution for retailers seeking an efficient and visually appealing way to present and sell loose wires. Bid farewell to disorganized wire bins and usher in a neat, attractive wire display that captivates customers and enhances your sales!

Key Features:

1. Tailored for Retailers: Crafted exclusively for retailers, our wire jars provide a streamlined and visually appealing method to exhibit and vend loose wires.

2. Separate Jars L, Micro and C Port Wires: Each jar contains a dedicated selection of either L port , Micro or C port wires, ensuring you can cater specifically to the needs of your customers without any confusion.

3. Monochromatic Mix: The wire assortment in each jar is elegantly limited to classic black and white, offering a refined aesthetic while maintaining simplicity for customers to find the wires they require.

4. 50ct Capacity: With a generous capacity of 50 wires per jar, you can accommodate a wide range of wire types and lengths to meet the diverse demands of your clientele.

5. Tangle-Free and Durable: We’ve prioritized durability and tangle-free design in our wires, assuring that your customers enjoy a frustration-free experience with their purchases.

6. Jar Display: The transparent jar not only keeps wires neatly arranged but also grants customers a clear view of the product, encouraging them to make a selection. This jar’s design adds a touch of professionalism to your store’s wire section.

7. Versatile for Retailers: Suitable for electronic stores, repair shops, or any retailer offering electronic accessories. These wire jars streamline your display and maximize its visual appeal.

Elevate your wire display game with the Miccell Wire Jar Display for Retailers. Attract more customers, keep your wire selection impeccably organized, and witness increased sales as you offer a convenient and visually pleasing shopping experience. Say goodbye to wire chaos and embrace a smart retail solution!

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L, C, Micro