S1524 Miccell Large Floor Display (10ft Cables / 140 pieces)


Introducing the Miccell Large Floor Display – Your Ultimate Hub for Connectivity (140 Pieces) with D70 10ft Cables!

Elevate your store’s tech offerings and provide customers with top-notch connectivity solutions through our Miccell Large Floor Display. This impressive collection is meticulously curated to fulfill all your customers’ charging and connectivity needs. With a rich assortment of 140 pieces, featuring 10ft cables, you can offer a versatile selection of cables, catering to the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Key Features for Retailers:

  1. Extensive Cable Selection: Our display showcases a wide variety of cables, including 70 L-Port, 40 C-Port, and 30 Micro cables. This diversity ensures your customers can easily find the perfect cable for their specific devices.
  2. D70 10ft Cables: The D70 10ft cables provide generous length and high-quality performance, enabling your customers to use their devices comfortably, even while charging.
  3. Premium Materials: The Miccell Large Floor Display is stocked with cables of exceptional quality, assuring your customers of both performance and trust in your store.
  4. Engaging Presentation: This floor display is thoughtfully designed to attract attention and captivate customers, increasing foot traffic and driving sales.
  5. All-in-One Tech Shop: With this comprehensive display, your store becomes the ultimate destination for tech accessories. Your customers won’t need to look elsewhere; you have it all covered.
  6. Profit Potential: The Miccell Large Floor Display offers competitive pricing, allowing you to maximize your profit margins and increase your revenue.