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    S155 Miccell USB Data Cable 3.3ft (VQ-D03) Box pack

    Charging / Data Cable 3.3FT – Box Pack (S70)

    2.4A Data Cable

    High Quality Chip

    Wire Body: OD 3.8mm


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    S1961 Miccell Wall Charger with C to C Cable (VQ-T33) Box Pack

    -Super charge technology with power up to 2OW.
    -High quality copper core for reduced resistance, stable transmission and fast charging.
    -20W Wall Charger with C to C Cable.
    -Universal A + C dual port output can charge two devices at the same time.
    -Safe charging that protects the health of the devices’ battery.
    -Fireproof and durable.

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    S2284 Miccell 22.5W (10000mAH) 3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank (VQ-P07)

    10,000mAh 22.5W Fast Charging Power Bank.

    -1 Inputs 3 Outputs

    -Safer Fast Charging

    -Quality lithium Polymer

    Led Display

    -Safe to use in Flights

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    S2337 Miccell Compact Display with Chargers & Cables (99 pcs)

    Elevate Your Sales with the Miccell Compact Display with Chargers & Cables (99 pcs) – Your Ultimate Retail Solution!

    Looking to boost your revenue and provide your customers with the latest and greatest tech accessories? Look no further than our Miccell Compact Display! With this premium collection of 99 essential electronic accessories, you can supercharge your store’s offerings and provide your customers with in-demand products.

    Key Advantages for Retailers:

    1. High Profit Potential: At a retail value of just $15 per item, the Miccell Compact Display offers a fantastic margin for your business, allowing you to increase your profit margins and attract budget-conscious shoppers.
    2. Diverse Product Range: This display boasts a wide range of charging solutions, audio accessories, and more, catering to a broad audience. Whether your customers are tech-savvy or just looking for reliable, affordable gadgets, our display has them covered.
    3. Eye-Catching Presentation: Our display is designed to grab customers’ attention. It’s not just a collection of products; it’s a visual experience that will draw people into your store.
    4. One-Stop Solution: This comprehensive display eliminates the need for customers to shop elsewhere. By offering everything from chargers to earphones and phone holders, you become their one-stop tech shop.
    5. Quality and Versatility: Our products are built to last, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in your store.

    With the Miccell Compact Display, you can diversify your product range, enhance your profit margins, and become the go-to destination for tech accessories in your area.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your store’s tech section to the next level and attract a wider customer base. Contact us today to learn more about our special offers and how you can get the Miccell Compact Display with Chargers & Cables on your store shelves!

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    S385 Miccell Music Stereo Earphone (VQ-H24) Box Pack

    Introducing the Miccell Music Stereo Earphone (VQ-H24) – Elevate Your Audio Experience

    -The Miccell Music Stereo Earphone (VQ-H24) is your ultimate audio companion, delivering exceptional sound quality and style. These premium aux earphones provide clear, dynamic sound for an immersive listening experience.

    -Packaged in an elegant box, you can choose from classic black or pristine white, adding a touch of professionalism while ensuring the earphones arrive in perfect condition.

    -Designed for comfort and style, the VQ-H24 earphones feature an ergonomic design that complements your daily attire. They are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

    -With an integrated microphone and in-line controls, you can easily manage calls and music playback. Whether you’re on the move, working, or relaxing, these earphones offer the perfect soundtrack for your life.

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